Painting with the Princesses

February 9th 10:00-12:00pm

Join us at Fired Up! to paint pottery while you sip tea, eat snacks and mingle with the princesses from Enchanted Fables. 

All of our princess guests will receive a special gift. 

$10 for ONE adult and one to two children.

Pricing does not include pottery.

Harry PotterY Night

January 26th 6-8pm

"It's the wand that chooses the wizard" 

Join us for a magical night out with a HP theme. All guests will be able to choose from a selection of pottery to paint themed around the wizarding world as well as a ceramic wand to customize to their liking. Throughout the night prizes will be awarded for the best trivia answers and all guests will enjoy pizza and drinks. Costumes are highly encouraged. Registration fee does not cover the price of the pottery.

$10 non-refundable registration fee. Pottery prices will vary and can be chosen and paid for on the night of the event 

Dirty Dishes Party

February 22nd 7-9pm

Get down and dirty, well, with your words at least. Borrow our foul silk screens or make up your own nasty $h*! to put on your pottery. Participants will enjoy Pizza, snacks and drinks and a free pass to say whatever they want on their pottery. $10 per person registration fee plus cost of pottery to be paid on the night of the event. 

$10 registration plus cost of pottery the night of

Age 18+ only please 

Just Desserts Painting Party

January 18th  7:00-10:00pm

A Catered after-dinner pottery painting and dessert party

$10 covers registration, unlimited tea, drinks and desserts (does not include pottery)