Fired Up! for Kindness Bells Project

Drop in any time to paint your Kindness Bell! ($6)


Our mission for “Fired Up! For Kindness Bells” is to inspire, empower and connect individuals in the intentional practice of kindness. When we come together as a community to lift up those around us, even in the simplest of ways, we become one; “and when we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” (Maya Angelou)


Here at Fired Up! mental health initiatives are close to our hearts. Research has indicated a multitude of benefits to practicing acts of kindness; from lowering blood pressure, to increasing oxytocin levels which further promote optimism and improved self-esteem. Studies have even indicated significant reductions in anxiety levels and depression for those who consciously practice kindness daily.*

“Kindness can jumpstart a cascade of social consequences”* and when one small act of kindness is completed with a humble heart, the domino effect that is created can positively shift an entire community. After all, “what we practice daily is what we build a life on. Practice peace, love and kindness” (unknown).


The pieces that come together for the Fired Up! For Kindness Bells are crafted in-house and await artistic flair! Participants will drop in to Fired Up! and choose to paint the ceramic bell pieces for $6.00 plus tax. Once the parts of the bell are colour-splashed with love, they are dipped in our clear glaze, fired in a ceramic kiln, and assembled on ribbon with special beads and a musical bell for hanging.

It’s at this point that our team of volunteers come together to spread your Kindness Bells all over our community. Not only will the bells’ uniqueness capture people’s interests, but the note card attached to each piece will encourage the ‘finders’ to keep the bell as a gentle reminder to practice intentional kindness (or better yet, continue the cycle and give the bell to someone else).


A synonym for encourage is “fire up” and that is precisely what we are aiming to do!

Join us and get Fired Up! for Kindness.



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