Join us at our 8th annual Clay Imprint Event

The November 2023 imprints are all ready to book. Please CLICK HERE to book your spot.


If you missed the imprint workshop, no problem! Drop in or book a painting time to capture a print in glaze on an item of your choosing. A mug with little tootsies on it makes for a great gift too.


Book a space online to bring in your little(s) to get a clay hand or foot imprint(s) for holiday ornaments. Once dried and fired the Fired Up! staff will custom paint your prints based on your preferred options and then glaze and fired them to a beautiful luster.

Want to paint your own? No problem. after the clay has been dried and fired you are welcome to return to paint your own.

How it works:

  • 1. Book a space for you and your little to come in to the studio for your clay imprint(s)
  • 2. The Fired Up! staff will clean the prints, cut them out, dry them and fire them in a ceramic kiln
  • 3. You can choose to have the Fire Up! artists custom paint your print(s) OR...
  • 5. Once painted, the Fired Up! staff will dip the prints in a clear glaze (like liquid glass!) and fire them in a ceramic kiln
  • 6. You will get a phone call when all of your prints are out of the kiln and ready to go home